A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play as a robot being assembled, start as a lifeless box, gain new abilities and overcome challenges on your way to becoming whole!

Controls: A/D to move, W or Space to jump. Well.. Once you get your legs attached at least.

Post-jam fixes:

fix 1

  • fixed a gamebreaking bug where the game would start at the ending
  • fixed a bug that automatically gave you a double-jump with your first jump upgrade
  • fixed a couple of impassable moments
  • added Linux, OSX,  versions

fix 2

  • fixed another impassable spot

Made for Ludum Dare 45, in 72 hours


A_semblance (Windows) 18 MB
A_semblance (Linux) 20 MB
A_semblance (OSX) 20 MB


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cool graphic, I love your work!


Nice game indeed. I like the platforming and i like the concept of making it more and more complicated. Could do with some bug fixes:
First bug: The jump, this is probably the buggiest 0f all mechanics. Sometimes when you are jumping from platform to platform your character goes into a standby looking sprite and just doesnt really do anything. This is really frustrating as i had to keep re starting a certain part over and over again as my bot would refuse to jump.
Second bug: This is also a jump bug (i guess that mechanic is a bit buggy) If you didnt know you can press the up arrow the w key (or any other key that is binded to jump) and press it at the same time to achieve a LONG JUMP. If you are able to do 3 (like me) you can completely skip that part where you go up plat forms and press a button that opens a door. This bug? DO NOT DESTROY (this is my opinion alright?) KEEP IT. Make features with it. Say you have multiple jump modules and you can use all 5 to jump super high (w, up arrow, space, LShift, RShitft)

Pretty cool platformer.

Hey i wanted to play your game but the game is stuck on your company logo and the music start and nothing more , i'm playing the windows build 

That's really weird. Did you extract both files into the same folder?

Yeah i did